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The January horoscope will bring you love, social bliss, increased earnings, creativity and great optimism. It enhances your already strong intellectual gifts. This month please mind your phone bill and try to avoid idle gossip and instead focus your enhanced intellectual skills on projects that are important to you.

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Your most important areas of interest this month are: intellectual pursuits, communication, local travel, children, parties, fun, entertainment; health, work; love and romance. Your paths to greatest fulfilment are career, though you need to be building the foundation for it religion, foreign travel, love and romance. Love is close to home and happy this month. There will be a serious and happy relationship with a neighbor.

Someone who is also financially supportive or who provides financial opportunities. You are totally in his or her corner — totally devoted. Money, as we mentioned, comes from your social grace and from your spouse, lover or partner. Earnings should soar this month. The danger is overspending. This month children and creative issues will be clarified you will also have extra energy to achieve career goals. You must rest and relax more until the 18th. There should be a dramatic spurt in vitality after then.

January is a month for de-emphasizing career and instead work on family and psychological issues. Moods and feelings are still volatile — as are relations with family members. You never know where you stand from one moment to the next. Most of the planets are in the West this month, which shows a need for compromise, seeking consensus and development of social skills. Your most important areas of interest this month are finance, home, family, children, fun and entertainment. Your paths of greatest fulfilment are religion, philosophy, foreign affairs, helping others prosper, sex, health and work.

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You are going for the gold and ready to go bust if you fail. There is no compromise if you fail. Happily, you have a lot of help. Love stays the same. This month you will have extra energy to achieve educational, travel or religious goals. You have amazing energy and power behind you this month, Sagittarius. Hopefully, you will use it wisely and constructively.

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Most of the planets are in your eastern sector, giving unusual self-reliance, independence and personal free will. You will have the energy of 10 people and will not suffer fools gladly. You get your way, and quickly at that! Your paradise is your right. Go for it. If you avoid temper tantrums, power struggles though you will win these and focus only on your paradise, you will be amazed at how far you will go. Others are going to adapt to you. You must have a stable emotional base for it. This period you are working from within. Your most important areas of interest this month are the body, image, personal appearance, intellectual interest, local travel, home, family, love and romance.

Your paths of greatest fulfillment are helping others prosper, debt, repayment, sex, personal transformation, love, romance, fun and entertainment.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Love is stormy and complicated this month —, especially after the 14th. You are torn between pleasing your beloved and asserting yourself. It is a difficult balancing act now. You want your own way intensely, but you also want to please your partner. Sexual passion is unusually strong. You might win the power struggle but break up the relationship. Further complicating things are the other romantic opportunities coming this month.

These are not serious things, but they cloud the issue at hand. Finances are getting easier after the 18th. In the meantime you need to work harder for earnings — happily, you have all the energy you need for it. You are feeling confident, in control and making good forward progress towards your goals.

Launch these new projects now. Success without a degree of emotional harmony will not work for you. To climb the heights you need to plumb the depths. So this is a month for psychological, inner progress and laying the groundwork of future success. You have more independence and self-reliance now. Create conditions as you like them, but begin within.

Make sure you can achieve them from an emotional comfort zone. Your most important areas of life this month are finance, communication, intellectual interests, children, creativity, fun, entertainment, home and family. Your paths of greatest fulfilment this month are love, romance; health, work; children, fun, entertainment, home and family. Tax issues come out better than expected.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope from 9th January 2017

Something that everyone considers junk becomes gold to you. Money comes suddenly, unexpectedly and quite easily. You want to have fun and financial issues interfere with this. Love remains the same. It is not that important to you at the moment — though you should focus on it more. Health is excellent all month. Ask questions and get details. The job might not be what you think. Employers, too, need to exercise more caution now. This month you will have extra energy to achieve social and romantic goals.

January is happy for you, Aquarius, as much major stress is being lifted off you by the end of the month. Perhaps this urge is intensified by all the work and stress at your job. Things are very competitive career-wise.

Daily Horoscope: January 9, - VICE

There is more independence and self-reliance about you this month. This does not mean running roughshod over others though. Your most important areas of interest this month are: the body, the image, personal pleasure, friendships and group activities. Love is pursuing you and by now has probably found you. Your lover or spouse is bending over backwards to please you. Still, with your affections so volatile, who knows where this relationship will lead? You must enjoy it for what it is.

There is a tendency to be overly possessive in love this month, but events will certainly change this. Finances are strong but conflicts with friends can complicate things. Friendships get tested by money matters. Your spouse or partner is supportive financially.

Some will and should be dissolved. A very vicious power struggle is going on in a political or professional organisation to which you belong. Health is good and will get better as the months progress. As the horoscope indicates, this January , you will have extra energy to achieve health and work goals. Things are very competitive and you are defending your position. You are also working much harder. Happily, your health is good this month and so you have the energy for it.

A job or career change would not be a surprise. You either get what you want or you are ready to seek greener pastures. Pretty soon the dynamic will change and you will crave emotional harmony as much as you craved outward success. Right now you have to balance the two. January will bring greater independence and self-reliance. You can and should have things your own way.

But there is a positive way to do it without trampling on others. You merely create through your thought and actions new conditions that are more suitable to you. Your most important areas of interest and fulfillment this month are spirituality, charitable activities, the body, image, personal pleasure, personal appearance, finance, home, family, children and fun. This is still a good period for buying clothing or personal accessories. Your aesthetic sense and style are very sharp now. January will be a complicated month for love — this is in spite of the fact that you look good and are very sexually attractive.

A current relationship needs to be reviewed and re-evaluated. The fact that it seems to go backward is really a good thing, giving you space for a review. Money comes from your career and the reputation you have built up. Skip to content Search for:.

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  4. Make time to rest and relax if you can. The Moon enters Scorpio this afternoon, lighting up the fame and fortune sector of your chart. Exciting transformations are taking place in your friendships and in the communities you belong to. The Moon enters fellow Water sign Scorpio this afternoon, encouraging you to explore new places and ideas. The Moon enters sensitive Water sign Scorpio this afternoon, finding you in an intense mood. Your beliefs are evolving! Your focus will turn to relationships this afternoon as the Moon enters Water sign Scorpio.

    Hugely intense emotions will emerge today, Gemini—powerful transformations are taking place as you let go of the past and process your emotions. The Moon enters Water sign Scorpio, asking you to examine your habits and routines. Crucial and exciting transformations are taking place in your relationships.

    The Moon enters fellow Water sign Scorpio today, putting you in a romantic and creatively inspired mood. Your planetary ruler the Sun meets with power planets Mars and Pluto today, creating important shifts in your daily routine and around self-care.

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    The Moon enters psychic Water sign Scorpio this afternoon, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your mind. Your planetary ruler Venus meets with two powerful, transformative planets today: Pluto and Mars. This will bring some important shifts. The Moon enters Water sign Scorpio this afternoon, finding you reflecting on issues concerning self-worth and, on a more mundane level, budgeting.