December 4 2019 tarot reading

The last month of the year begins under a beautiful Crescent Moon , which is preparing to give a strong energy to the building. This term is nothing more than a way of saying that we are at a time when we have to plant seeds in the ground to reap success and happiness in the future. With the Light of joyfulness in union with Mercury , we have an exciting and positive energy where you will feel the urge to seize every opportunity that arises.

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Go ahead and put this energy into practice, as this moment is just beginning. At the pace of the Crescent Moon, the Full Moon comes up brave, and this will be your last energy peak of You are the gardener of your own life, and from here you must finish the planting task that began earlier this month.

With a feeling of combat and a desire to win, it is important that you know how to manage serenity, and identify when is the right time to express yourself. Until the 18th you will behave reactively. So be warned: this is the perfect time for expansion and empowerment, allowing greater chances for prosperity and personal and spiritual growth. Stepping up social contacts will also be important now. When it comes to the last month of the year, the waning moon works only as a brief breath until the next phase.

Beginning on the 19th, some effects of this Moon include more reflective behavior, with feelings of greater respectability toward others. Now is not the time to start new relationships, but it may be a good idea to make a casual relationship official. The waning moon in December can also be considered that time when promises for the next year are made.

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This is the phase where you quit addictions, bad habits, start a diet, resolve backlogs, break up broken relationships, or even get rid of assets that no longer add to you. If you have any rituals or spells for spiritual cleansing, ward off disease or negative energy, the Waning Moon is also the right period for it. Though almost invisible in the sky during this cycle, the New Moon is a representation of renewal and reflection; it is a time to reevaluate attitudes and thoughts.


From December 26 to January 2, , take extra care of everything around you, as many opportunities and solutions may be hidden. Take this last week of the month and year to meditate, to get to know yourself better, and look for new ways to follow in This is a Moon of Forgiveness, a time to forget what has happened, to eliminate the sorrows from your heart, and give someone a second chance.

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Create, plan, enable. Spend this time organizing your new, professional financial projects.

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Did something not work out in ? Then change tactics. The uncertainties of the end of the year and especially that of are approaching fast. There is no point in being discouraged or allowing apprehension about the future and the need to see your situation in make you sink. Concentrate on the present, live it thoroughly. If you have already started to take stock of , you can already start organizing your projects a savings plan, the opening of a business, etc.

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December 4 Zodiac

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